Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Saint Etienne - You're In A Bad Way

I wish people would keep their shibboleths to themselves. I overheard two old ladies in a cafe, one of them said to the other "Worse things happen at sea, you know" I don't know what they were talking about after that because they started talking in hushed tones, probably "ladies problems" you know, down there! but it's not something I want to hear when I'll be going on a cruise in the not too distant future, I'm dreading crossing the Bay of Biscay. I'll break the New Year in with a music video.



  1. Love the song, and the video!

    I hope those old ladies sort their problems out. Mind you, it seems more and more frequent that when "our gang" get together, sooner or later the conversation gets around to some kind of ailment or other. Dammit! Are we now "old ladies"? Jx

  2. They can be quite graphic about it, that's why I won't visit my mother if she's got company, all this illness talk makes me feel queasy.

  3. Worse things happen at sea? Ladies' problems? They must be talking about the "Red Sea."

  4. I like this tune, and had forgotten it. Anyhow - I get sick of my own ramblings about ailments.
    Worse things happen at sea? You take care whilst you're on that cruise, and have a good time!

  5. The Gulf of Biscaya is not known for terrible accidents involving ships. There is no piracy, freak waves etc. do not happen, also icebergs are very uncommon. So you are left with fire and food poisoning.
    If things go really bonk you can always paddle to Biarritz. Or Galicia - you can buy a whole village there for a pound (nobility (possibly) included).
    I think some whale watching is possible.