Friday, 2 December 2011

Things To Make...And Do!


  1. So what...I tuck this between my legs?

    I guess this will have to do until I have a real vagina installed after my sex change.

    Do you think anyone will know it's not real?

  2. Also flip the sponges to the scrubber sides to simulate sex with a scabby venereal infected whore.

  3. ooooh... A Penis eye trap...

    How clever!

  4. Is this Kermit the Frog's sex toy?

  5. That's why we call them scrubbers Ayem8y.

    And without the use of a Bunsen burner too, how gripping.

    It'll look wonderful on your kitchen windowsill Princess.

    The Miss Piggy pocket cunt? Mr P

    Sexy hedgehog. I like to do it with a Bourbon cream gripped between my teeth, it's just a peccadillo of mine, but it stops the ugly punters from wanting to kiss me.

  6. Clutter from the Gutter is my go-to blog for craft ideas.