Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Coup de Tat Shops

I've been shopping at Home Bargains today, I know, I scare myself sometimes. The total amount of my purchases came to £6.30, I handed the cash to the young sales assistant, a five pound note, followed by four 20p coins and a 50 pence piece, you would have thought I'd given her a Rubik's cube to solve by the way her brows were knitted together. Red faced and flustered, she shoved the money in the till and gave me 10p change. Bargain!

It was the same girl who asked to see my ID when I attempted to buy gin last week, I'm in my mid 30s!

I've recently found out that a sales assistant at Poundstretcher (who once gave me a 100% discount on a vegetable slice and dicer) has jumped to her death off the Humber Bridge, all because she had developed a mild skin condition. Here So sad, she seemed like a nice girl too.


  1. I would get confused with all the coin math as well.

    RIP Ms Norfolk.

    1. I often get confused with euro coins, when I'm in a shop abroad, I often hold out my coin filled palm and let them help themselves.

  2. My maths is that bad, hence I worked in high finance where we were allowed to use calculators.
    Sorry to hear about Ms Norfolk.

    1. I bet you're just like Carol Vorderman, not in a mutton way, I mean, with your maths skills.

      According to gossip re. Ms Norfolk's death, there were other issues!

  3. It's rare to encounter a sales person these days that can actually count back your change without looking at the register for the amount.

    It's a talent really.

    Poor Ms. Norfolk, if only Mitzi had been there to persuade her not to jump and instead enjoy a facial and some makeup techniques that might have helped to disguise the situation.

    On a personal note I have a ruddy complexion with some degree of Rosacea and cringe when I see photos where my nose is bright red looking like W.C. Fields.

    Hate it.

    Feeling depressed now.

    *Wanders off toward the fishing pier.

  4. I used to live in Swanland, just a stones throw away from the Humber Bridge, if I still lived there I would have been able to coax her down with a JML Beauty Wand at £9.99 yes! Nine ninety nine!!! What a sad way to end Ones life, been sucked down into the quicksand. *shudders* I can think of better ways of ending it all.

    Watch this Ayem8y, it'll make you feel a lot better.