Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hoof Shoes

Aren't these shoes adorable? I'd love to wear them, striking different poses in front of the "cheval" mirror to the dulcet tones of charles Aznavour singing "She". However, clip clopping it for that night bus home, shod in a pair would prove a bit tricky. From the shoe museum

If you missed last week's coronation Street then you wouldn't have heard about Gail's fashion tip:

"Glam up an old jumper with a butterfly and a galloping horse.

Christ! What does she look like without make-up on?

Let Mitzi glamour o'er you a bit Gail.

Ahh that's better!

Well, it's an improvement!

Click TAAZ virtual makeover and see what it can do for you!


  1. I think she's a very sensible girl who knows she doesn't need all that cosmetic primping to get a man when all she has to do is get down on her back with her hoof shoes up in the air

  2. Hello Mitzi:
    We are afraid to say that Coronation Street was one reason why we gave up on television more than thirty years ago....!!!

    The hoof shoes definitely show an original fashion sense for which, undoubtedly dear Mitzi, you are famous. We do, however, think that it will take a bit more than a slash of red lipstick and some new shoes to sort out Gail from the Street. Complete reconstruction rather than the odd nip and tuck is needed in our view!!!

  3. Blimey, she looks almost as good as a Barbie...

  4. We used to have real ordinary women in the U.S. I'm afraid that even the homeliest person can rise above and have procedures done these days. It's strange talking to someone and then you realize that you are talking to a formerly unattractive person. Even though they have transformed they still have their original personalities that give the whole thing away. Pretty people don't have personalities.

    Love the shoes...do they come in a size 10?

  5. At least Gail kept her jumper on for this photo.

  6. Those shoes are absolutely uber-glam, I would so love to own a pair. And isn't Gail Tylsley beautiful, in a very equestrian way. Even I, a lover of men, would consent to sordid acts of lesbianism with her.

  7. Neighhhh LX Neighhhhh

    She gets men by fluttering her eyelashes and whispering in a child like voice, and then she only attracts the psychopaths.

    It's amazing what make-up can do, it can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

    The last time I was in America Ayem8y was in 2002, we went to San Francisco and then on to Las Vegas where we saw lots of "ordinary women". One ordinary woman I remember quite well, took offence at a group of Japanese tourists who were taking her photograph (like you would), she was sat in a mobility scooter on a moving walkway between hotels, she yelled at them "get out my fucking way or I'll knock yer down like a ten pin ball" I said "Give em Hell grandma!" to which she gave the middle finger. Nice woman.

    Screeching horror bag Cilla Black was one of the reasons I gave up watching in 2001, I re-tuned later when it was announced that Blind Date was going to be scrapped along with Brookside. It's funny how the names of soap actors just roll off the tongues of today's generation, yet they don't know who Dickens was or Eartha Kitt.

    I remember seeing that picture in the paper a few years ago MJ, I nearly choked on my toast and marmarlade.

    I do like the macabre side Fanny, can I watch?

  8. By Christ, Gail looks like somebody's hideous experiment of crossing a donkey with Barbie. Either way she looks a shit lot better.

  9. Yes, indeed she does look like a beast of burden or perhaps a gnu. I tried Gail in the Liza Minnelli wig and she looked stunning however, you could still see her natural hair underneath. It looked like she was sporting a mullet.

    Have you seen Princess Anne's makeover I did a while ago? She looks like a young Agnetha Falkskog from Abba.