Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Off With Her Hair!

Princess Anne has had a makeover, doesn't she look amazing?

Sadly it was only a virtual makeover, it only took me 15 mins. Do you fancy giving Princess Anne a much needed makeover? Afterall she does have a wedding to go to soon.

Make over Princess Anne at TAAZ I would love to see your efforts.


  1. I can't find a "bit and bridle" option on that makeover website.

  2. OH!! Look what they did to the puppy!
    I shall have a go of this later.

  3. Actually, I could use a run-though that thing myself!

  4. Never mind MJ, here's a picture of Anne on the front cover of Horse and Hound magazine. Oh the irony

    They've given puppy a thick head of luscious hair with no thoughts to those hooded lids.

    Couldn't we all XL.

  5. Rute und Rolle?

    ah, tomorrow, when I'm sober ...

  6. I was going to, but I'm too lazy to register, plus I'm sure I could exceed yours, so why try.

    Poor darling, such a shame to actually look better as a clownwhore.

  7. Mr Peenee, I've lost count the number of times I've written to Anne about her criminal hairdo. I've even written to her daughter Zara asking her to have a quiet heart to heart with her mother about the importance of an asymmetrical bob. Futile. I'm losing patience with the woman.

  8. for a new body use ;)