Sunday, 23 December 2018

Happy Christmas!

That's all the Christmas shopping over and done with. Let the wrapping begin. 

Nothing brings out that festive feeling more than the sound of Christian churchgoers doing their annual carolling round, turning up on your doorstep, dressed in period costume and singing that all time favourite O Come All Ye Faithful and the maid and I hiding behind the couch until they've gone away, that'll teach us for not closing the blinds.

I'll try to take Fascinating Aida's advice this Christmas, but it won't be easy.



  1. I will try to take Aïda's advice, but I'm making no promises.

    Merry Christmas to you and Carmen!

  2. I have hunkered down with the cat and am trying to ignore the whole sad affair. It's a tradition for me.

    the best of the season to you both, etc., etc....

  3. Happy Christmas, Mitzi!! Your new header sums up Christmas!!

  4. I'm having another sherry as we speak.

    I agree with Miss Scarlet... the header is brilliant.

    Happy Christmas, Mitzi!

  5. Now that was what I needed to hear today.

    They went and built an "American Amalgamated Super Grocer-X" right in front of my house and facing me! Not enough parking so the assholes park in my damn yard. I've been holding my phone up like I'm Livestreaming etc. One man said, "Whatta you gone do about it?" and I opened my hand to show him an egg! He moved his car. I'm a CUNT FOR CHRISTMAS.

    Also thinking about getting into the towing business.

    P.S. watching crappy Christmas movies, the kind where they barely make it feel vaguely Christmassy and they don't even have skirts just exposed metal tree stands...sad.

    Here's to a Happy Fucking New Year!

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your losses Ayem8y.

      Be extra cuntish, buy some wheel clamps, put some 'Wheel clamping in operation' signs up with a release fee of $100+ and you'll be welcoming the drivers into your lair or failing that, put 'foam fill' into their exhaust pipe and plug it with a potato, scatter a few nails in the area for good measure. I'd be plotting and twisting all day long if I was in your shoes.

      Talking about crappy Christmas movies I watched one the other day called Ms Scrooge, if you haven't seen it, please do and tell me if you can understand a single word Ebonita is saying. I spent the entire duration of the film saying 'Get your fucking adenoids out!' plus a few other choice words.

      All the best for the New Year!

  6. Phew! That's that Christmas malarkey done for another twelve months.
    Happy New Year, Mitzi!