Sunday, 1 January 2017

First-Footer of 2017

Happy New Year!

Sadly my first footer of 2017 wasn't Bonnie Langford doing a funky 80s dance routine but Elsie from next door with a bottle of Amarula.

I remember watching this episode of  Emu's Pink Windmill when I was a child, it was around the 0:14 mark that my sister threw a slipper at the television screen. I wonder if the boys at 0:58 had a quick glimpse of Bonnie's 'Pink Windmill' during the dance routine.


  1. Rod Hull....I'm hoping Emu didn't get a whiff of Bonnie's pink windmill...I dread to think....
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Happy New Year Mitzi.

    All this "emu" is absolutely unknown to me, and it will stay this way.

  3. Happy new year Mitzi darling... I don't remember Emu the must have been a brit kids after school TV thing... but I do remember the bloke fisting the emu... perhaps on one of the royal variety shows... I remember old phil smiling... alot...

  4. Loved Emu and the high dive! ( If you missed that Rod wanted Emu to dive into a tub of water and Emu did that slow head twist and looked at Rod, then down at the water,then back at Rod and said "You****ing dive!")
    And this is a good time to tell you that a couple of years ago a stroppy emu ran alongside The Man's car on the highway out in the boondocks.Pete said he had to get his clog down to get away from the brute!
    Happy new Year!

  5. Happy New Year to you!
    Ah, Emu a staple of my childhood TV but I was never quite sure about Rod Hull. I think Emu definitely had the brains of the act. Just as well for Bonnie that he didn't do a Michael Parkinson on her...that would have made her sthcweam and sthcweam until she was sick! x

  6. This clip is tilting at the windmills of my mind.