Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Woes of the Well-Orf

Middle class people have problems too. You don't  have to sign up for twitter to view, just click the X top right corner of the pop-up to take it orf.

Read about one family's 'desperate' search for a second pony here.


  1. Oh god, I've lost my bookmark!

    1. You've lost your bookmark and earlier this evening I was presented with a glass of champagne without a wild hibiscus flower in it. These things come in threes, I wonder who'll be the third.

  2. Perhaps now is the not the best time to mention that as a child, I had a pony.

    Not just A pony, a second. And a third.

  3. Hark at you Hyacinth Bucket. I've no room for a pony, not even a Shetland, no room to swing a frigging cat. I better write off now, otherwise I might start babbling about green fields and orangeries.