Friday, 28 November 2014

Horlicks And Night Time Scrubbing

Whilst carrying two mugs of horlicks (the chocolate variety) I used my pert bottom to push the living room door open and this happened, as you can imagine the horlicks went everywhere. My maid of all work Carmen is scrubbing as I type, I'll give her five more minutes and then I'll tell her she's scrubbing away at a shadow caused by an ornament from a nearby table, she could do with the exercise.


  1. Carmen could do with some of those scrubber shoes from a couple of posts back!

    PS: My cats can open doors with lever handles like those. I had to change them to round door knobs on the cat room to keep them from escaping!

  2. "pert bottom" - hear, hear !

    God, Carmen is training. We all can use a good scrubbing,
    And thanks to introducing me to "Horlicks", I had never heard of this stuff.

  3. Interesting, Whore-Licks is the name of my escort service.

    I would've made her lick the carpet clean rather than scrubbing the stain deeper into it.

    At any rate, I have many old cargo shorts where the cargo pocket has been ripped off by the kitchen cabinet knobs. Now they are my kitchen scrubber pants.

    And we're now full circle.

  4. I've given up shutting doors with my arse for the very same reason. I've lost count of the plates of delicacies have gone flying and had to be cleaned up by the dog. I should call her Whore Licks...there's nothing she won't scarf up off the floor.

  5. Now Mitzi, I always find that getting a maid or a man-servant to scrub the stain out of a carpet, when in reality, the stain is nothing more than the shadow caused by a light, is a good exercise to test loyalty. I suggest that you get Carmen to do this more often, but with a toothbrush. It will improve the muscular tone of her fingernails. Fanny x