Friday, 25 July 2014

Lady Muck

Just look at the haughtiness expressed on the Lady in Waiting's face. Who does she think she is? She has delusions of grandeur, she thinks she is the queen herself, well you're not love, you're just a peasant like the rest of us. The next time you're out and about leave the imitation pearl choker in your tiny bedsit and wear your best Primark drip-dry clobber and wake up to reality, you're just a lacky! Oh and your seat is the one next to the bogs.


  1. She thinks that faux pearl choker is gonna disguise that crepey old bull neck. No way.

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  3. Juan, my Brazilian butler, would love to giving her a good porking. Unfortunately, Juan has a fetish for the colour, peppermint. He'll even fuck a pig if it's wearing a peppermint-coloured garment or, worse still, peppermint-coloured lippy. Oh sorry, I didn't have my lorgnettes on - the picture above is of a pig... my silly mistake.