Friday, 1 November 2013

Spine Chilling

Warning! This post contains explicit accounts of supernatural activity and should not be read by people of a nervous disposition.

Everytime I put something down in the house it gets mysteriously moved. For instance, the other day I put the post down on the arm of the settee and when I returned home it had been moved to the kitchen table and opened! My maid of all work Carmen keeps telling me it was her but I think she is just trying to protect me from the awful knowledge of an evil ghost that roams the house.


  1. Maybe you have a succubus in the house.

    Has anything tried to suck your cock at night?

    1. Sadly not MJ, however, I do sometimes wake up in the morning with raging twitching in the fanoir region.

    2. I'd like to help MJ with an incubus.

  2. It's when the bills are paid without your knowledge that you'll have something to worry about :-)

  3. Your description of ghostly goings-on sounds terrible. I've often experienced a sinister presence late at night, here at my country hice in beechy Buckinghamshire: the sound of growling; huge 2-metre wide paw-prints in the mud; and scratch marks left on my front door, usually around the time of a full moon. I think it's the local lesbian looking for late-night "company" actually, not a werewolf.