Sunday, 9 December 2012

Saddle Sniffer

This man will sniff your saddle.

Cyclists have been warned to be on their guard after Britain’s most notorious bike seat sniffer walked free from a court. Read more here.

Snurging: To gain erotic pleasure from the sniffing of bicycle saddles.


  1. Over at Infomaniac Mr Dennison would be a celebrity!

    1. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of reviving my series, "Perv of the Day" to include him after seeing this story recently!

      But Mitzi is right on top of it.

      And bonus points to Mitzi for including the term "snurging."

      I think we should all try to incorporate that word into our daily conversations.

    2. If you type the word Snurge on google image it shows you a lot of pictures of horses, perhaps it relates to a time before bicycles when everyone rode on horses.

  2. Somewhere (possibly Infomaniac's) there is someone who would pay for this.

    1. Win a sweaty bicycle saddle in MJ's fanny-tastic forthcoming competition!

    2. You're giving me ideas, Mitzi.

  3. I think he's HOT. Inbreeding can produce possibly heightened senses and really unattractive maxillofacial features and protruding auricles.

    1. Well, just look at the royals, that family could do with a little chlorine in their gene pool! I go weak at the knees for a malocclusion underbite, just like Will Young and Donovan's (a young Donovan!) some say it's a sign of ill breeding, I think it's sexy and cavemanish.

  4. Blimey. Give him a documentary.
    I like the name of his brief, Armitage Phelps...perfect.

  5. Him and the bloke I caught sniffing at the bunny bin in a unisex toilet in France!

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