Saturday, 5 May 2012

Irritating Ways

Prolonged irritation can drive your victim over the edge of insanity and turn them into a gibbering cabbage. Then again they might crack and smash your head in. Here is some wonderful ways guaranteed to drive people insane.

Mitzi has a friend who keeps an empty bottle of milk in the fridge in case anyone fancies a black coffee, he even goes through the motion of pouring the invisible milk into a cup, all the while laughing affectedly.


  1. Hello Mitzi:
    As we think that life here has become a little too serious of late, these are very welcome as little ideas to spare us all from dying of boredom!!

  2. This is clearly a chap with too much time on his hands who hasn't had enough good hidings.
    I knew a bloke whose idea of hilarity was to stretch cling film over the toilet seat especially for his pregnant wife who needed to pee during the night. She fell for it several times and he is still alive.

  3. Hello Mitzi [again]:
    Re: corsets. Thanks for the link. Will be well sorted by Monday!!

  4. I once swapped the G and H keys on a coworker's keyboard. It took him half a day to figure that one out.

  5. Whoever posted the original video must be a terribly amusing person, albeit one with no more friends.

  6. I like to set my fax on redial and call a friends phone. When they answer they hear that terrible high pitch noise then in another ten minutes they hear it again and again and again...