Monday, 13 February 2012

Gaily Tasseled Nose Warmer

January is an unpopular month in Le Mott Rouge household, February doesn't excite much enthusiam either, but at least it's arrival means that spring is just around the corner.

I haven't worn my nose warmer since a group of young lads jeered at me for wearing such a thing (at 14:37 on Christmas Eve 2002) I haven't dared.


  1. You could use this nose warmer on other bodily digits such as the index finger. Do not let your warmer go to waste just because of some silly boys.

  2. He's going to have to enlarge the pattern considerably for his "index finger" Miss Scarlet.

  3. That would be handy for US politicians!

  4. No need to carry hankies anymore.

  5. Or I could wear it on my cock Scarlet and be a little more daring in my wardrobe choice. I feel it's time to resurrect The Gaily Tasseled Nose Warmer, I wonder if Princess has a pattern.

    I like to rub transvasin heat rub on my "index finger" MJ and on my buttocks too for that rosy glow and just being spanked feel, try it!

    And for UK politicians LX ours are dickheads too.

    Exactly Ayem8y and ideal for catching those pesky little drips.

  6. *rifles through crochet patterns for Xtra Long nose warmer*

    Oh Fuck it! Just send me your "girth and length" measurements Miss Mitzi and I'll run one up for you...