Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sore Throat

Yes Mitzi is nursing a sore throat and is feeling very sorry for herself, she can hardly swallow, though she does persevere! She's convinced its aerotoxic syndrome after falling ill after her flight from Gran Canaria, breathing in the contaminated air circulated within the plane's air conditioning system.


  1. Does this mean you'll have to spit instead of swallow?

    Welcome back! We've missed you.

  2. Take care. You don't know where those germs have been.

  3. Permission granted to LX to fluff Mitzi's pillows.

  4. Yes I can't keep anything down MJ, I tried a little cous cous earlier and it went down the wrong way causing it to spray out all over Carmen's head, she looked like Mr Toad from Toad Hall improving her looks considerably.

    I dread to think what toxins I've been breathing in LX, I was hoping the miasmas coming from the pensioners behind us would cause the oxygen masks to drop down in-flight.

    I was so ill last night I slept in my clothes, pillow fluffing would have been a luxury.

  5. Hello Mitzi:
    We are so distressed to read that you are ill. We have missed your lively posts and do not like to think of you under the weather.

    Make sure that you take good care of yourself, a nourishing chicken broth can work wonders. Can Carmen create this for you?

    It is so true that the class of people on aeroplanes now is very, very different from our early flying days. You must wear a mask next time....just like the Japanese!!

  6. Welcome home Miss Mitzi. sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly.
    Cous Cous was possibly not the facial that Carmen was hoping for but she can I suppose be thankful for the brief improvement to her looks...

    Even in your most dire of moments you remain the ever generous employer...

    Rest and Recuperation is the requisite...

  7. Every time one steps on a aeroplane, one is guaranteed to get sick. Pox buses of the air, that's what they are.

  8. Thanks for your concern J&L I'm feeling much better today. I don't eat any animal protein (except eggs) even as a baby I refused to eat it, perhaps I was a hindu in a past life. I wonder if Ruth Mott has a recipe for Mock Chicken Soup made from potato peelings and egg shells. The Japanese are a strange breed, on our last cruise at dinner time the japs would play the orcarina during courses.

    I am Princess it's one of my biggest faults.

    I agree with you 100% Mr P. Flying tin coffins.

  9. i do hope those germs are from first class. General seating germs can be fatal (and distasteful), chin up!

  10. Welcome back.
    "Bleed air" - what a word!

  11. Perhaps it wasn't the flight but rather the promiscuous hermaphrodite that spreads disease.