Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I shall be taking my gorgeous self and Carmen on a two week brass rubbing holiday in Lincolnshire tomorrow, a fortnight spent cycling around interesting churches and cathedral in the area. I can hardly wait!

As you sit there waiting patiently for my return, enjoy this beautiful musical interlude sung by the lovely Timi Yuro, it's one of my favourites.


  1. Farewell Mitzi and good luck among the frotteurs...or is it frottage? never mind, get to rubbing.

  2. Bon voyage. If you get arrested, insist that you're Canadian and you want extradition.

  3. well... at least it's not "Velvet Tipping"

    have a lovely time...

  4. Hello and Au revoir Mitzi:
    How absolutely splendid this sounds although we rather thought that brass rubbing was no longer permitted in churches, public places or, indeed, anywhere outside of the privacy of the home. That said we are absolutely envious for it is a part of the country which is full of the most interesting old buildings and one which we do not know.

    Do tell all on your return.

  5. *embroiders tiny Canadian flag onto Mitzi's rucksack*

  6. Don't rub too rough ...