Sunday, 11 September 2011

Mystic Mitzi

Look at the pictures below and think of a question such as:
What should I be aware of today?
What are my top goal to achieve for next year?
What is missing in my life?
Now feel yourself being drawn toward a single picture and click it to reveal the answer.


  1. Apparently, my top goal for next year is to become a UK tranny bride!

  2. Mine was too spot on to talk about.

  3. It's the Bull Semen Hair Treatment, isn't it, Miss Scarlet?

  4. MJ did you see the tranny bride called "Amanda MJ"! I thought of you when I saw her.

    Pray tell Scarlet.

  5. “Mystic Mitzi is eerily and uncannily accurate. When the operator asked for my credit card information, I was a bit skeptical but the $300.00 a minute was worth it. I discovered that I was destined to fall in love with a Soviet Sweater Model! Thanks Mystic Mitzi.”

    True Believer,


  6. I have "a friend" who might be interested in the Wonderwood.

  7. That's true Ayem8y. I even scare myself sometimes! Did I do a reading for you before, predicting a tryst with a Stefan from that region?

    Does your "friend" have a touch of lavender about him LX?

    I'm often plagued by wrong numbers Mago, they think I'm a taxi rank.

  8. I DID see Amanda MJ and I'm going back NOW to see if I can find more pics.

  9. You have to admire their nerve to wear white.