Monday, 1 August 2011

Dancing Squid

Japanese cuisine with a strange moving twist.


  1. Well, if nothing else, it's fresh.

  2. Bucket please ...

  3. OMG!

    The poor thing.

    I found a dead baby squid on my travels down the beach the other day. No bigger than a fist. It made me sad like seeing a turtle trying to cross the road. Not a chance in hell with all the tourists on the beach or all the cars ripping along the highway.

    Nothing more riveting than seeing the food chain in action!

  4. Well... I've never seen that on "Iron Chef"

    Thank goodness it is just the tendons reacting to the hot tea... If the squid were alive to start with it would be well out of that bowl I'm sure.

  5. Hello Mitzi:
    We shall think twice about ordering squid when next in Japan! Or anywhere else, come to that.

  6. I always enjoy torturing my food before I consume it. Serves it right.