Sunday, 3 July 2011

Who Ate All The Pies?

She has a new album of dirges coming out soon. Do you know who it is? Clue: It's not Susan Boyle.

Yes well done, it's Sinead O'Connor. Take a look at her
here perfoming a few days ago. "I am not like I was before, I thought that nothing would change me" she sings. Oh the irony! Ode to Greggs perhaps?


  1. Gosh... Hasn't Cilla let herself go...

  2. Either that or Sinead has let her hair grow....

  3. yeah I think it's Sinead. Perhaps she married Simple Simon or Jack Sprat?

  4. Sinead!? Yikes.
    I guess that dead Pope must have put some bad gris gris on her.

  5. oh, please PLEASE don't let it be Sinead. Otherwise, I think we just found another Troy to burn.

  6. I clicked on the Gregg's link and it says something about "stuffing balls."

    Honestly, I would never have guessed this was Sinead.

    She's morphed into an old lesbian!

  7. Old lesbians aside.... too many Bloomer meals obviously lead to and increased bloomer size....Oh and check out her saggy Tatts!

  8. Black or Battersby-Brown?

    Humpty Dumpty Ayem8y Humpty Dumpty!

    I don't think she's altogether plumb in the head myself.

    From the Lion and the Cobra what a fabulous Album that was Shirley. Made when she had fire in her belly and not stodgy pies!

    Thank you MJ for reminding me of another old lesbian see next post.

    Little pickers wear big knickers!

  9. Too much cheap red over the years.