Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Marble Your Nails With Colette


  1. Forget the nails! Tell us how to do the eyebrows!

  2. *Drums nails on desk waiting for Youtube to load*
    My broadband speed is depriving me of things I need to know.

  3. Always pluck the hairs below the eyebrow this widens the eye area giving you a more youthful appearance or go to one of those eyebrow boutiques you see in busy shopping centres and get them plucked/threaded professionally whilst the general public mill round you gawping.

    Go here for a step by step guide I wonder if it'll work on lips. Colette says try a metallic black and silver for an edgier look.

    When it comes to computers I'm about as useful as a walrus filling vol-a-vent cases. This might help

  4. I would also like to suggest to XL that he pluck the hairs BETWEEN the eyebrows.

  5. Oh yes definitely and any nose hair you might have too.

  6. Can I use this technique to paint my car?

    I use an eyebrow stencil to draw my eyebrows on.

  7. Hello Mitzi:
    How have we managed to live our lives up to this point without knowing of your most wonderful blog?

    This is a deliciously eclectic one stop shop for everything we need to know, want to know, should know, could know or must know. How indeed could we not know that there was so much to know about which we know nothing.

    All this will change since with you, Mitzi, ably supportd by the [rather sad looking in our view] Colette we shall know all there is to know! We shall be eternally grateful to the delightful Miss Scarlet for her introduction!