Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Legends In Wax

It's the terrible likeness which attracts the visitors to the Legends in Wax museum at The Hop Farm Park, Kent. Most of the displays are only identifiable by their name tags.

Boy George with acne scars. What is he holding in his hand?

Clint Eastwood!
Its a little bit funny ...

It's really Kylie.

It's Liza with a Haaaaaaaaa!

This lady's not for melting. Well, not yet anyway.

Prince Charles with five o'clock shadow.

Hasta la vista Baby!

Punch drunk Silvester Stallone .

Tonight Matthew One is going to be Barbara Steisand.


  1. Well, at least they got Liza right!

  2. Hello Mitzie:
    How deliciously dreadful. And what a place! Ideal, we think, for a cold, wet, Bank Holiday Monday when we all need taking out of ourselves - or whatever the expression is.

  3. Indeed they did, Mr XL! And they've made a fine job of Jimmy Tarbuck as well.

  4. In which parallel world does Prince Charles look like Don Draper?

  5. I think he wants us to call him LX, Miss Scarlet.

  6. I'm going to call him Lix and be done with it.

  7. Yes they have really captured her dead behind the eyes look.

    Hello June and Lance.
    The waxwork museum in Great Yarmouth was the best, I've never laughed so much in all my life and was well worth the £3 entrance fee, there you are treated to an array of stars from yesteryear including Diana Dors, Larry grayson and Dolly from Emmerdale farm which turned out to be Princess Diana.

    Of course, it's a recycled Jimmy Tarbuck in drag!

    Don Draper's waxwork is much better looking than Charles's.

    I thought XL stood for extra large now I'm all confused

  8. I think they all look rather like the Baroness Thatcher, except for the one that's supposed to be Maggie. That one's just scary.

  9. Queen Liz looks like the Scott Thompson version from Kids in the Hall.

    This is some of the scariest stuff I've seen since seeing the Quiet Man figures at Maam Cross in Connemara. John Wayne was dusty and beginning to mold - and Maureen O'Hara was listing and missing fingers.