Friday, 8 July 2011

It's Gin O'clock Time!

My lovely cocktail shaker arrived the other day, all the way from Australia. Thanks Princess love! My prize from the most Appalling Frock competition over at Palais de Steff .

A card showing Princess's "Double Delight!"

Legs up Miss Flange, A cocktail popular with street walkers of yesteryear: 4 measures of Aldi's gin, 1 measure of lime juice, supermarket cider to taste.
Peniscolada: A blend of orange and pineapple juice with equal measures of gin and lime juice to taste. Make it extra special by freezing some coconut cream in ice cube trays and add to drinks.

Makes a rather attractive ornament.

When Princess is not visiting creepy old railway station cafes for tea and scones she's bevering away at her Singer, making clothes out of old curtains for the von Trapp children .


  1. Hello Mitzi:
    If only we had known what the prize was in the Appalling Frock Competition, then we should have given it our best shot. As it is we are now to be permanently denied a pink cocktail shaker which, we feel, would have just slipped into place amongst the Meissen, Dresden and Royal Worcester on display in the drawing room.

  2. Is the bust Ho Chi Minh?

  3. This thing looks a bit like soemthing you start from a mortar ...

  4. Hello Jane and Lance and welcome to my humble abode.

    It's a bust of Lenin XL. I brought it back from a trip to Moscow 15 years ago. I placed the cocktail shaker next to a White Russian !

    It's a sex bomb Mago!

  5. Dear Miss Flange,
    I am beside myself with joy that your delightfully tasteful winners prize from my recent Fabulous Frock Competition (Most Appalling Frock Category) looks so impressive amongst your decor. I was a little concerned that it may be a tad ostentatious... But... From your demonstrative photography I can see that my fears have now been well and truly allayed.

    Chin! Chin! and Bottoms Up Darling...

  6. I am bored this evening. AND now I'm bored and jealous. I will make the cocktails to cheer myself up.

  7. I'm still waiting for my hip flask.

    Canada Post is backed-up to the back teeth from the strike.