Friday, 29 July 2011

Gun Shape Retractable Dog Lead


  1. Now this is a very good reason for me to get another dog.

  2. Hello Mitzi:
    Now how would this look at airport security?!

  3. Around these parts it would have to be in plain view, on the dashboard or on the car seat, to not get hauled to the poky for a concealed weapons charge.

    Then again there are no laws to stop you from digging a hole and shooting a dog into it, either.

    My girlfriend Rocksand did it to a feral, rabid looking mongrel that lived under a house in the woods she inherited.

  4. How satisfying would that be LX especially if it's a little yappy Pekingese called Tricky-Woo.

    I would also love a dog Scarlet, but I would have to pay someone to pick up it's mess because I just couldn't do it. You often see people walking the streets carrying bags of dog shit, it turns my stomach.

    It depends on which airport you're flying from J&L. At Hanoi Airport security staff will just think it's the caterers.

    Reminds me of this story I read in the Sun today Ayem8y. Police had to pay damages for breaking into a car to rescue a realistic looking doll.