Friday, 15 July 2011

Fine cell Work

Fine Cell Work is a registered charity that teaches needlework to prison inmates and sells their products such as, handmade traditional cushion covers, quilts, rugs, tapestry.

Nimble fingered prisoners across the UK spend up to 40 hours a week stitching cushions. Can you imagine big burly men with homemade tattoos bent over embroidery frames stitching away like old spinsters. "Pecking order" is very important to prison inmates, anyone who tries to muscle in on Mr Big's pin cushion is liable to find themselves the victim of vicious retribution.

For £999.99 you can buy this.


  1. Maybe they're planning on knitting a rope to throw over the wall and escape!

  2. Indeed, Mr Big knows how to buttonhole a gusset with nothing more than a darning needle and a fluent lockstitch.

  3. Hello Mitzi:
    We had never heard of 'Fine Cell Work' before your introduction and do feel that it is a most enterprising charity. On looking at the website, the 'Jailhouse Rocks' cushion, complete with appliquéd Elvis seemed a particularly apt product.

  4. I want the prison calendar pillow.

    It looks like it doesn’t require much fluffing and could be useful should XL go on holiday again.

  5. British prisons are like holiday camps XL. Three meals a day plus evening cocoa, colour telly in every cell and tea and coffee making facilities, ensuite bathroom. It's a bit like Travelodge but without the mini bar! Not that I've ever been to prison, just what I've seen on the telly. I don't think the inmates will be in any rush to escape, they probably all go home for the weekend anyway.

    Scarlet have you been rummaging in my knicker drawer?

    Hattatts and MJ For £60 + £7 p&p I'd want it hand stitched by Peter Sutcliffe or some other notorious killer.

    I agree Princess the dirty rob dogs.

  6. One thousand whatever for this? You are joking, dear Mitzi.

  7. I know Mago, I wouldn't line a dog's basket with it.