Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Badly Stuffed Animals

From a facebook page called "Badly Stuffed Animals" My personal favourite is this monstrosity, perhaps one of the taxidermist's finest and most detailed pieces, the look of confusion and terror on it's face is exquisite.

See all the horrors here .

Brings to mind this from That's Life. Mimi a 19 year old persian cat was the beloved pet of a woman who wanted to remember Mimi of how she was and not as the taxidermist made her.


  1. I have several deer heads in the attic that are rotting away. But my favorite is a red squirrel. I'll snap a picture and post it for soon.

    I love the dead eyed saber toothed otter weasel thing.

  2. It's suppose to be a pussycat. That'll be lovely Ayem8y I love dead things.

  3. Hello Mitzi:
    As you may imagine, our house is stuffed with dead animals. We are fond of taxidermy. Birds of paradise, a seagull, a fox and a boar's head are just some of the offerings and we have a local taxidermist who is still in business. What is not to like?

  4. I remember Mimi, it was such a sad story... but yes... I did laugh at the time.

  5. No way. Such horrendous things will find no way into my home.

  6. I'm not even going to click on that link.

    But just wondering if they'd take on an old lover of mine as a project?

    Just his lower torso would be fine.

  7. ... from "Thomas Thumb" to "Mr. Elbow" ... as if something could go wrong there, MJ.

  8. I'm quite fond of taxidermy too but only in other people's houses or in country pubs. I know it's a silly superstition but I won't have bird artwork in the house, even robins dipicted on Christmas cards have to be discarded. I was reluctant to enter XL's art competition just in case I won and the picture turned out to be that of a bird. After saying all that, I used to own a rosella parakeet called Regina.

    Mimi would have looked better with a whimsical pose and dressed in a pink dress, clutching a muff.

    But they have Mago, I seem to recall you had a little Was ist das Ding?... Santa Claus. Brennen es bitte.

    MJ when you mentioned "Old lover" do you mean a lover of former times or one of those octogenerians you're so very fond of?

  9. Oh my, I cannot believe this coincidence. The above picture, this is a scullery maid who used to work for me at Fanny Towers. She worked in the kitchen and used to serve Sunday roasts for me. She always wore that lopsided grin, I think it was the Largactil that caused it.