Friday, 17 June 2011

Jane Horricks - Cabaret

Senfuckingsational! Chills and thrills at the Kit Kat Club. I much prefer the stage version of Cabaret the true interpretation sang with an air of menace so much darker than the film.


  1. Love it, thanks! I think Liza was channeling Judy in the film version.

    Last November, I just missed seeing a live stage version in Berlin. Damn! Maybe later.

  2. She's come a long way since "Bubble"
    An incredible talent! I would love to see her in a live show. "Little Voice" really showed off her vocal ability even though Brenda stole the show for me..

    Oh Hai XL...

  3. ...Oh I cried through Little Voice.
    Brilliant actress.

  4. @ 3:29 I think Jane was channeling Linda Blair from the exocist.

    She did for me too the brazen hussey so typical of North Yorkshire women.

    I didn't think it was a sad film, perhaps you were due to "come on" Scarlet.

  5. Very impressing. One could feel the needle prick between the toes.

  6. I will still love Little Voice even after Jane yelled and screamed, "Life is a cabaret old chum" at me!

  7. I will still bob and curtsey at Liza if she ever crossed my path.