Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happiness is...

A nice cup of tea and a sit down. After a long day at work, or a bracing walk, perhaps after a hectic bout of fooking, you can't beat a nice cuppa. Make it extra special by crocheting yourself a mug cosy


  1. Is there a matching hobnob warmer?

  2. Perfect for the old gang on Coronation Street!

    Oh Hai, Miss Scarlet! Good question!

  3. Is this turning into a knitting blog?

  4. What a hoot. I've been looking for something patternwise to make that will use up my leftover balls... this is ideal. Thanks Mitzi!

  5. What you need Scarlet is one of these. Mitzi doesn't want to encourage obesity with talk of hobnobs, thank you.

    Dickie Fleming sounds like a medical condition, and Ena Sharples all smiles (that's a first) in her sirdir caprine cardy.

    No XL Mitzi doesn't knit, she hasn't the patience even though we were taught to do so in primary school, I always ended up sat at the back of the classroom with the slow children making raffia mats. I reckon the teacher didn't like me handling sharp objects near the other children.

    You could have made one for MJ's auction, Princess.

  6. The Infomaniac once WAS a knitting blog.

  7. Yay I do so love knitting and quilting blogs...I also have twenty cats.

    *licks envelope and posts order for made to measure tea cup cozy*

  8. Yes, I remember MJ telling be about it, a sort of knit and natter group. Like old hags at the guillotine.

    Twenty cats Ayem8y! I bet your house stinks.