Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Ohhh I've come Over All Giddy


  1. Oh I DO hope Princess sees this.

  2. Well yes indeed I have... and I must say that my gusset's suddenly gone all moist.
    I only hope that it's due to excitement.... and not the fact that I'm busting for a pee...

    I regularly partake of the informative tomes pictured here Miss Mitzi. Too often I swoon with delight as I rifle through their pages, seeking inspiration for my next project....

    Thank you for making my day darling
    Now... I must be off for a quick slash...

  3. A mop and bucket to ailse 1 please!

  4. There are quickies too ...

  5. When my best friend passed away in 2005 he left me his quilt collection that his 80 year grandmother would stitch by hand. I even have her quilting frame.

    I must post some pictures soon. You're all gonna die when you see them.

  6. Princess will be creaming her clopper when she sees them Ayem8y.