Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nipheads Indulging!

If only this stuff worked on humans!


  1. [adds catnip to shopping list]

    Oh, it's for my cats! Really!

  2. Provocative positions indeed!

    Bordering on kitty porn.

    Oh Hai, XL!

  3. "If only this stuff worked on humans!"

    Have you tried Tom Cat Urine?

    I prefer a Xanax and a spliff myself.

    Oh Hai XL & MJ!

  4. I did not know this Mintze. Geissblatt works, great scent. F.e. as spray. I think the fruits of Geissblatt are dangerous.

  5. Same here XL. The next time I'm at the garden centre I'm going to buy some catnip seeds and grow my own. Why should they have all the pleasure.

    I blused at the drooling mouth bit, reminiscent of my time spent at the Yumbo centre!

    I have smelt Tom cat piss and I prefer that smell to The Body's Shop White Musk, ugh! now that is offensive. I don't smoke spliffs as I don't want my mouth to look like a cat's arse, instead Carmen bakes lovely biscuits, good to unwind with in the evening with a nice mug of horlicks. My Gt Aunt Alice likes them too and she's 86!

    Honeysuckle Mago, I've got one growing in the garden, gets covered in green fly.

  6. Ah some buiscuits and a glass of sweet wine in the evening ...

  7. I may have to try this to catch my feral pussy from nextdoor!