Friday, 18 March 2011

Suicidal Pheasant Run

I ran over a pheasant today, not deliberately! It was standing on the grass verge proudly showing off his golden plumage then it ran straight under my front wheels... Crunch!


  1. What wine are you pairing it with?

  2. Murder! Tasty tasty murder!

  3. Pheasant colchicus?

    Plug a feather and pin it to your hat, there's nothing else to do. Suicidal birds ... *grumble* ... Hunter S. Thompson wrote about suicical rabbits once.

  4. I hope that you didn't sustain too much damage Miss Mitzi. But what a boon. Pheasant Feathers are IN!

    If you really need to test your front end... Try running over a Wombat Darling! The Wombat wins every time...

    Might I suggest a Lusty Burgundy with your free range game ...

  5. Apparently YSL hit an entire family:

  6. I thought about a cheeky little Chardonnay until Princess recommended a lusty Burgandy.

    I don't eat meat at all Ayem8y, but since the killing, primeval desires have started to kick in and it's really giving me an appetite for it.

    Yes, it was the common pheasant. Did Flopsy bunny develop myxomatosis and decided to end it all by eating a hearty dose of pesticide and dying in unimaginable agony?

    No damage done Princess, I've ran over a hedgehog in the past, is that similar to a wombat? Thanks for the recommendation I've even bought some crusty bread to mop up those lovely juices.

    What a lovely dress Michael. I've seen one similar in peacock feathers. Divine!

    Roadside Feasting by Delia Smith in all good bookshops now!

  7. Rabbit is bored by hopping round the bush and fucking the brains out. So rabbit sits beside the road and watches cars. And runs. Just inches in front of roaring tires, what a kick. It's somewhere in the big shark hunt, but I do not have the original text, only the German edition, and I doubt I'd find it now.