Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Come Dine With Me

Sadly no picture of Lady Di lurking underneath and yes they really were the size of pork pies!

I insisted on making dinner last night (was it my imagination or did Carmen really go a trifle wan?) as you can see by the position of the cutlery it wasn't a success. It was suppose to be vegetarian ravioli made from buckwheat flour and stuffed with spinach, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and cottage cheese. The pasta swelled to half an inch in thickness and it tasted vile! "Grab your mac!" I said to Carmen "We're going for an Indian"


  1. I followed the recipe on the flour bag for pizzoccherie a traditional pasta made from buckwheat. All that time and effort wasted.

  2. All the ingredients seem reasonable. Any deviation from the recipe?

  3. Holy abortion on a plate!

  4. I can't think of any XL except maybe I didn't roll out the pasta thinly enough.

    Abortalini in a rich tomato sauce!

  5. I know it's unfine to puke, but the Mistress' comment ... that's better.

    It's the Mehl / flour. Whoever printed this recipe did not think about what is in the bag. All this damn "natural" flours do react different. Can come out more thick or really flowing. Buchweizen is not to everybody's taste too. I seriously hate it. And - as Scarlet asked - "pizzocherie" I know as a kind of "gnocci" derivat, made from potatoes. Maybe it is possible to handle buckwheat-powder accordingly, but I doubt it. WHo sold this to you?

  6. I'm going to call it "Buchweizen" from now on. I bought it from Waitrose "Dove's Farm" brand. The flour makes delicious waffles and griddle scones. I shan't be making anymore pasta from it that's for sure.

  7. Is XL one of your's MJ?

    Yes, XL is an Infomaniac Bitch.

    Is this his virgin debut at Clutter From The Gutter?

    XL is the Official Infomaniac Pillow Fluffer and Personal IT Consultant to Mistress MJ.