Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Tartan Family At Christmas...

...Don't you just want to punch them?

From Awkward Family Photos


  1. How very Von Trappish in a tragic kind of way. Is it the family tartan or just the family tablecloth?

  2. There's a sad sort of clanging
    from the clock in the hall...

    I can imagine them singing that can't you? The fussy twee cunts.

    The family bedspread.

    Do you have a tartan room MJ?

  3. Yes, I have a Plaid Room!

    I believe you've met our Plaid Room houseboy.

  4. Xmas serial killer on a tartan massacre would be just fine, lol.

  5. Yes that would be lovely Tzagalagabugu. Don't forget to film it and stream it on Youtube.

    Yes, I remember him. Adorable.

  6. It's beyond description and makes me drink. The floor, the comfy chairs, the tartan, the air of ... un-real. MAybe they are happy with it. It looks like an illustration out of a political science book of the 1960s: Tha two kid family, basical cell of our Western state. It's all still there.

  7. Thanks for the Miranda link Mago, I enjoyed it.