Saturday, 16 October 2010

Guess Who

I have a photograph of a famous person pending, ask many questions as it takes to guess the famous face. I shall only answer with a yes or no.

Typical Guess Who Questions
Is your person a man?
Is your person a woman?
Is this person alive?
Is this person good with colours?


  1. Has this person ever worn The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts?

  2. Does it Sing and get fingered on the bus on the way home from the pub?

  3. No MJ this person isn't Diana Moran The Green Goddess.

    No Princess it doesn't sing although it's been in a pop video and please don't listen to gossip about me, that happened a long time ago, I didn't have any small change for the driver.

  4. No it's not Davina "Garnier Nutrisse" MacColl. I wonder if she uses hair dye to cover her lady grey bits.

    It feels so nourished
    - Your dress?
    No mum, my cunt.
    - Will it do my bit of grey?
    All your grey, and now double the avocado oil.

  5. Is the person Franconian?

  6. Is he smaller than a bread box? Is his box smaller than bread? Did he ever have a turn as one of the Doctor Whos? Was the amount of small change you had to put out for humiliatingly petty?

  7. No, it's not Marlene Dietrich Mago.

    No no no and no, I didn't want to break into a twenty. Mr P

  8. is it someone with a bizarre sex fetish like tree bark, or candy canes?

  9. Is it one of your famous Mystic Mitzi death watch premonitions?

    Is it someone from Coronation Street who is about to die?

    Is someone about to die?

    Is it a death photo?

  10. Tree bark fetish? You've got me stumped there Kevin. No.

    It could be Ayem8y, this person is getting on in years, though it's not a Corrie actor. I've given up scrying ever since Mr Kitty accused me of using witch craft.

  11. Is it an alien?