Friday, 6 August 2010

Going Down To Liverpool

Featuring Mr Spock as the chauffeur.

"Where you going with that UB40 in your hand" sang The Bangles on their 1985 song Going Down To Liverpool.

You may ask: What is a UB40? Well, it's an Unemployment Benefit Form 40 used by people who are on the dole. I don't know if they are still in use today, being a wealthy dowager I've never had any dealings with them. In the early 80s unemployment rates in Liverpool were amongst the highest, violence such as riots and muggings were partly to blame on the high level of unemployment.

Carmen and I are going to Liverpool for the weekend. We're going to an outdoor pursuits rough-trade fair on the Mersey docks hopefully to see some off-duty sailors and to do a little bit of shopping afterwards (if we can find the energy).

I've been brushing up on my scouse thanks to scouse translator

Hilda Ogden was a Scouser
"I'm from Hollywood." Okay Kim.

The Queen of Liverpool Margi Clarke Looking for her "Fat Madge"

Cilla Black is ever so proud to be a scouser so much so that she now lives in Surrey.

Here is the lovelyish Cilla Black with Liverpool Lullaby.

Oh you are a mucky kid
        Dirty as a dustbin lid...

They don't write'em like that anymore (thank God).


  1. Just want to say farewell before I head off to work.

    You have a grand time.

  2. Just want to say farewell before you head off to Liverpool.

    And take tricks!

  3. Oh and hopefully when you get back I will have written up a response to Roxanne's Lighthouse Of Love and Tell Laura I Love Her.

  4. I had completely forgotten about that sing, even thought I was very fond of it. I am concerned the girls seem so heavily tranquilized in the video.

  5. Thank you MJ, and yes I did.

    I can't wait Ayem8y and neither can Roxanne!

    Yes, but they did seem to perk up a bit towards the end, didn't they? when they were walking through the Mersey Tunnel.