Sunday, 15 August 2010

Anne At 60

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

Bewitched: How the princess still sees herself.

The Faerie folk are cunning creatures they deceive foolish mortals by casting the glamouring spell making princesses see something that isn't there.

Princess Anne sold her soul for an ounce of faerie glamour, but unfortunately for Anne an ounce just wasn't enough, she needed a gallon of the stuff, certainly not enough to bewitch men's senses, only her own. So every time she look into a mirror she sees a beautiful sultry siren starring back while others see a hideous chinless old hag.

Want to emulate Anne's hairdo but can't find a crow's nest? Simply scoop out a large cottage loaf starting from it's bottom then wear it on your head like a hat et voila  princess Anne.

Happy 60th Anne!


  1. Gosh her sack is looking a little mouldy these days...

  2. Waxing gone bad ... ?

  3. Is she really 60? Did she ever actually look attractive at one time? I think it's high time she went to the glue factory.

  4. You can always varnish it MJ. Anne recommends using saddle soap.

    Was it ever fresh Princess?

    Indeed Mago, talking of which Carmen has asked me to shave her back for our forthcoming holiday. I will try to resist etching a swastika on it this time.

    The magic mirror reveals Anne in her youth wearing her hair down, she looked lovely then, well, I thought so anyway.

  5. Being so close to the throne and yet, well...understanding that one will never reign on it must make for a heavy gin pour every night. She's always looked angry/bitter to me.

  6. Its Obviously good bookmarking looking for tomorrow's reference.