Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lord Mayor Knicker Thief

I think the gene pool in Lancashire could do with a little chlorine.
A former mayor admitted breaking into women’s homes and stealing their underwear. Read more here

Beaker sings Feelings


  1. Looks like he got bitch slapped by the genetic gene pool. Poor guy. Was he stealing the knickers to cover his face?

  2. Our politician's scandals pale in comparison.

    I'm quite certain you have more pervs in Cabinet as well.

  3. OMG! Now that's a face only a mother could love. I'm with Michael there.Was he after a nice, big pair of pants to put over his head?
    What was he thinking?!!

  4. Surely he could have bought his own and charged them to expenses?

  5. I think he's cute. Like a little magic troll that lives under the bridge. Haters! He just wants to be loved and sniff some soiled panties, dammit. Haven't you all been a little troll like in need of a good whiff?

    BTW - Mitzi, where are you hiding out lately? On holiday again? Or has there been some sort of emergency? Hopefully it's a sexual emergency. But if not I hope all is well and you hurry your vicious ass back soon.

  6. Obviously, swiping them is the only way he's getting any.

    And I agree with ayem8y, where you at sweetie?