Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Ginger Whinger

The ginger whingers.

Tesco apologises over a card featuring Santa that pokes fun at Ginger people. Read all about it here

If they don't like it then they know what to do!


  1. Santa loves ginger kids?

    Surely that must be a typo.

  2. Santa doesn't mind the strawberry blonde ones, he's just not so keen on the pink eyelids, the mottled skin tones and the beady gimlet eyes like the pig off the Amityville horror film. No Santa doesn't love ginger children he dispises them. Away away with you now you nasty little boy before I feed you to the lesbians.

  3. I was gonna say! I mean, strawberry blonde kids tend to grow out of the red, so there's that winning point.

  4. I am not ginger.
    Where is the Banzai post?! I loved Banzai.

  5. My oldest nephew is a strawberry blonde, more strawberry than blonde but we never call him ginger to his face.

    The video kept stopping and starting Scarlet. It was the one about the chicken and the balloons.