Thursday, 26 November 2009

Unusual Door Chime

I was recently leafing through the back pages of my Cummerbund And Corset Ripper weekly when I came across this interesting item for sale. Looks exquisite.

My back garden. If you look over the fence, on the neighbours wall, you will see something sinister. Click to engorge.


  1. The deer butt hole door bell is very popular around here. Most hunters just have sex with that part of the unused carcass, nice to see it repurposed.

  2. My friends' neighbours have a huge deer head mounted to the front of their house.

    So every time we go out on the front porch to enjoy the evening air and cocktails, we have to stare into the deer's eyes.

    I think my my friends should get your deer butt bell as a comment to their neighbours.

  3. A straight friend of mine told me that when he was younger he went fishing and caught a cat fish, and used it's mouth for pleasure. Men! they don't care were they stick it do they.(especially when they're drunk!)Women too, I recently saw some videos for sale in a souvenir shop in Gran Canaria, showing pictures of women having sex with dogs and horses.

    My neighbours do too MJ I think it's a ram's head or something I've never really got close enough to have a proper look.

  4. Lovely yard you have there, Mitzi.

    I suggest keeping my distance from the neighbours.

  5. I do try MJ, but the houses here are so crammed together, it's claustrophobic. I can't even go out into the garden by moonlight to do my Isadora Duncan routine without half a dozen security lights flashing on and off.

  6. Consider them spotlights instead of security lights.