Friday, 9 October 2009

Turn Around Bright Eyes

Bonnie Tyler is set to return to the charts.The Welsh singer has recorded a new version of her pop classic Total Eclipse Of The Heart, a world-wide No 1 in 1983, with male voice choir Only Men Aloud and Top Shop has launched a range of Bonnie Tyler T-shirts.


  1. The other day I heard some young girl singer on the radio doing a Stevie Wonder tune, word for word, note for note, with the exact orchestration. What’s the point of that?

    What is with this creative draught that we live in? Remember when people used to play musical instruments? Remember when people used to actually sing? Can’t people think up new things to do anymore or write new songs?

    What does it all mean, Mitzi?

    I enjoyed Bonnie Tyler once long ago, but Total Eclipse of the Sun...Again? Come on Bonnie think up a new song, it’s been over twenty years now, don’t you have one new little song for us?

    Like the T-Shirt though.

  2. Very interesting. I LOVED that song when I was a lad. So dramatic. I would sing it in my bedroom.

    Something tells me I'll be doing it again!

  3. Where can I order a Clutter From The Gutter t-shirt with Mitzi on it?

  4. You're lucky it was a Stevie Wonder Tune, it's usually Somewhere Over The Fucking Rainbow. I agree Ayem8y, whatever happened to the guitar, drums, bass, piano and harp? and a lead singer that used to stand behind a microphone and sing LIVE without a prancing pantomime taking place behind. Talent is not required in today’s' manufactured music factories who cobble together good looking people (who have never met before) solely to make profit. It means we have reached rock bottom. Thankfully those type of "bands" only have a shelf life of 12 months or so. Perhaps we should join forces and create our own band, what shall we call ourselves?

    As for Bonnie Tyler she has Jim Steinman to thank for Total Eclipse.

    I did too Michael. I went as far as making a dress from a white sheet cinched to the waist with a belt. A few lighted candles placed here and there and I was Bonnie. My bedroom overlooked the garden onto a moonlit lawn, and looking out the window through mid chorus, I saw, my mother with a fag hanging out of her mouth bringing in the washing from the line. That was never in the video was it?

    My face on a tee shirt MJ? well Halloween is coming up.

  5. Ayem8y - you said it so well. I think that drought also extends to movies, as well. I'm sick of the remaking of old movies (or ones I don't think are old yet).

  6. Oh, I want a Clutter From the Gutter T-shirt, too!

  7. "Perhaps we should join forces and create our own band, what shall we call ourselves?"

    Joan Zitt and the Blackheads!

  8. Sorry Ayem8y, I didn't see you there. How about Hells Belles or The Mushroom Heads? Ayem8y and the Machine? Bucket Fanny and the Chrome Dildo has a lovely ring about it.