Monday, 29 December 2008

Mystic Mitzi Predicts...

My predictions for 2009
Every year the tide of time washes away yet more treasured talents. Familiar faces called to Heaven but who will live eternally in our hearts and memories. I predict the following to shuffle off this mortal coil in 2009.

Wendy Richard. Best known for playing Miss Brahms in Are You Been Served and misery guts Pauline Fowler in Eastenders.

Patrick McNee. He is probably best remembered for his role as John Steed, in the Sixties television series, The Avengers

Female impersonator Danny La Rue had a stroke last year. So fingers crossed!

Michael Jackson complications during a heart and lung transplant.

Found dead with an orange in his Duct taped mouth and a pair of girls knickers on his head.

It's Ta-Ta to Zsa-Zsa! Dies of old old old age.

Married to the queen. Phil the Greek is a philandering foul-mouthed bigot and a notorious racist who apparently had Diana killed. They'll be no tears at his funeral.

Richard Attenborough (Dickie) Actor, director, producer, and writer dies of old age.

Patrick Moore. Presenter of The Sky at Night he appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-serving TV presenter and famous for playing the xylophone.

Mollie Sugden. Played Mrs Slocombe in Are You Been Served, Death by misadventure whilst playing with her pussy.


  1. When Phillip kicks it I will personally be popping a bottle of the good stuff. The bastard!

  2. I'm going to have a street party and invite all the neighbours.

  3. I hope he goes slowly ... in a few days, so I have time to jump the pond, so I can attend...

  4. Mollie is still alive?! Love all your death predictions - good bets!

  5. Kitty you could bring the bunting.

    Yes, old Mols is still alive, she was last seen on Little Britain being stabbed in the back in an Indian restaurant by her bridemaid.

  6. Bunting?

    Now give me one good reason why I should bring Baby Spice to Phillip's Kicked the Bucket Gala?

    If I was to bring ANY of the Spice Girls it would be Scary and or Ginger, all bedecked in Leopard Print. but Baby? ewwie... too vanilla... She'd probably want us to wear black and be all sombre.

    No Hun, this will be THE event of the year... and as well I believe Amy should be in attendance... awake or passed out - it doesn't matter, but under no circumstance is Baby Spice to be there.

    Oh! Wait! You said BUNTING, not BUNTON. No worries, I'll bring bunting galore...

    ...but I am still standing firm on this, NO BABBY SPICE.

  7. Don't bring baby she's my least favourite. Only scary and lesbian mother to be "Sporty" is invited.

  8. Well she does wear flat shoes and has lots of tattoos, so she might as well be sapphic.