Wednesday, 9 December 2015


40 minutes from Alicante airport brings you to that very high-class holiday destination Benidorm, Spain's answer to Manhattan.

The outside temperature at best, touched a balmy 25°c (in November!). I couldn't have wished for better weather, if you're thinking about going to Benidorm out of season, you'll be wise to bring a pullover with you as the evenings can be quite nippy.

Carmen took this footage of expats working out on the beach. Every morning at around 10 o'clock they'd be out there, kicking and flinging. Can anyone tell me the name of the tune being played, a friend of mine wants to know. 

After such wonders we returned to England with a heavy heart. Grey overcast skies accompanied by mizzle greeted us at Doncaster airport.


  1. ¿Since you go to Benidorm so often, have you considered requiring Carmen to take Spanish lessons?

  2. Carmen is insolent and uppity in English ¿Can you imagine, what she would be like in Spanish with latinesque hysteria? Yeah Gods! I wouldn't be able to sleep at night in fear of been murdered in my own bed for under paying her tuppence and besides, it would be easier to teach a walrus to fill vol au vent cases then for her to learn a new language. 20 odd years we've been going to Benidorm and she still asks me 'what's the words again for two white coffees?'

  3. I'm glad to see you kept a proper distance from the kickers and flingers. They look nasty.

    1. It was so exhausting watching them, I had to go back to the hotel for a lay down.