Sunday, 1 February 2015

How To Peel An Orange Without Ruining Your Manicure


  1. Darling Mitzi,

    We are so grateful for this advice.

    The price of nail varnish being what it is, we can no longer afford to get it chipped on an orange.

    Still, when in doubt, we attack a chocolate orange......that only needs a tap on a table to open!

  2. The price of oranges these days they should be classed as luxury items.

  3. I usually ask my maid to peel an orange, or a grape for me. But I'm with the Hattatts in that a chocolate orange is much easier to eat: just take the wrapping paper off and stuff the whole chocolate orange into your mouth... and enjoy!

  4. No. Dunk the chocolate orange in tea. Then you don't have to bother putting your teeth in before eating it.