Sunday, 14 July 2013


I saw a car today wearing false eyelashes! that's right false eyelashes on a car!

"Look at me everybody! Look at me! aren't I fun loving and quirky?"

This is not a new trend, whilst on holiday in France in the 1980s, I spotted a Citreon Dyane wearing a pair. *shudders despairingly*

It's bad enough driving behind cars with 'Little Princess Onboard' signs stuck on the window and those odious 'Powered By Fairy dust' stickers on the bumper. It makes me want to spit.


  1. Replies
    1. I wonder if Ambi Pur do a range of these as car air freshners.

  2. I saw a pink Jeep with those and "JEEP GRL" (or some such) license plate.

    1. I saw a hefty woman get into her car with a 'Babe on Board' sign. I had to laugh at the irony.

  3. Yup...I've seen up on many a Daddy's girl motor. Makes me want to take a small hammer to them. And the lights.
    Powered by Fairy Dust...fuck the fuck off.

  4. Is this what those big hairy lesbians burnt their bras for?

  5. I once owned a VW combi that got the full makeover with eyes, lashes and big red lips... the door to the engine compartment at the rear had a pair of arms painted to look like someone was trying to escape...I drove it all the way from Melbourne to Townsville at it's top speed of 80km/hr which it only reached going downhill with a tail wind... Ahhh the memories...