Saturday, 28 January 2012

From Russia With Love


  1. How do old Russian women get that look? I certainly hope that's a woman, at any rate.

  2. Why don't we do it in the road?

  3. I bet she's younger than you think Mr Peenee. Do you reckon she's one of those add-to-basket brides?

    Then get stuck together like dogs do. It's a common occurrence in Blackpool.

  4. I still imagine that Russia looks exactly like this with one room shacks with bare light bulbs and old women scrounging for potatoes while a black limo streaks by and someone inside it draws the curtains closed.

    @Mago - Wallis Simpson taught it to them...birds do it...bees do it...even educated flees do it...

  5. Hello Mitzi:
    Gosh, we can hardly keep up with you. One minute you are jetting off to Gran Canaria, the next you are in Russia. Is this a new career as a travel writer? Mitzi's alternative and very rough travel guide.....all you need to know about everywhere but nobody else dares to explain!!

  6. Queen Tootsie's act of filthy beastliness commonly occurring in moss cottage gardens.

    I've only ever been to Moscow Ayem8y, that was about 15 years ago, it wasn't bleak at all, unlike India!

    Bill Bryson can sleep easy. I used to keep a journal of my wanderings, it read like a Janet and John book.