Friday, 23 December 2011

Give Your Feet A Treat


  1. That... My Dear... is just sad... sort of creative... but just sad...

  2. Didn't Joanna Lumley do this when she stayed on the Isle of Sheppey? Although I think she tried to pesuade the audience that she made her slippers from her bra.

  3. Wishing you the best Christmas ever.

  4. With a heavy duty gusset? ask Princess if she'll whizz you a pair up on her Singer.

    Sad and a cheapskate Princess. I can just see Cathy from Leeds walking to the chip shop in her panty pad slippers with her hair in grips and without her teeth in, she's probably the type who buys those dinted tins and packets of hair dyes from the discount shelves in the supermarket cause they're a penny cheaper.

    Was it the Isle of Sheppey Scarlet? I thought it was the Isle of Dogs. It looked very nice, I might go there for a holiday.

    Thank you MJ, I'm going to print it off for future reference. They would make an ideal birthday present for someone. When is your birthday btw or is that classified information?

    And a very merry christmas to you too LX

  5. I'm wearing mine now as I sit in my comfy chair with my DIY Fleshjack.