Monday, 11 July 2011

The B-Sides

Remember those old vinyl 45's with the authentic hiss and crackle? As a young child I would spend hours sat at my dad's old Bush slowly lowering an arm onto a shiny seven incher. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it now. *stops typing to dab eyes with lace hanky* I must stop wallowing in nostalgia it's not healthy. We live in a world of constant change and we have to move on but downloads aren't the same, there's no feel of ownership, no artwork, no lyrics printed on the back sleeve and no B-sides. There were lots of hidden gems on those b-side many were overlooked. Here's a few of my favourite.

1 Abba - Hey Hey Helen - Fernando. This song should have been called Hey Hey Frida see the ginger haired one singing and dancing without a care in the world? the brazen hussy! She divorced her first husband and left the children in his care and buggerd off to Stockholm to become a pop star... and thank God she did, otherwise we wouldn't have had ABBA.

2 Baccara - Cara Mia the B-side to Yes Sir I Can Boogie. In my opinion this is better than the A-side.

3 Morrissey - Hairdresser On Fire The B-side to Suedehead. Can you squeeze me into an empty page of your diary? Camp as Knickers!

4 Fox - If I Point At The Moon - Imagine Me Imagine You
5 Siouxsie And The Banshees - Tattoo - Dear Prudence

I must stress Fox and Baccara were part of my parent's record collection and not mine!


  1. Hello Mitzi:
    With our wind up gramophone and Vera Lynn we can relive the 'good old days' every evening of the week. We can recommend it, but the needles are getting rather harder to come by these days!

  2. Does it have a huge horn? Everythings miniaturised these days, mine used to be quite big with a huge pair of woofers but now I've got a small one.

  3. That song could well be Frida's anthem. I'm just sad that Benny and Bjorn never tied the knot. Now there was real chemistry... or is that just the hemline of my perverted fantasies showing again?

  4. Do you remember the 14"s - with pictures?
    Happy days.
    I remember Fox... used to do that sucking thing - and I'm not talking about glacier mints.

  5. I can well imagine Benny and Bjorn having a fiddle with each other, Bjorn being the top and Benny having an arse like a wind sock. I wonder if frida was Agnetha's Bull Queen.

    "Only you can, oh ho ushhh oh ho ushhh" with lovely thumb action too. Whatever happened to Noosha Fox? There isn't a recent photograph of her anywhere on the internet. I reckon she had major plastic surgery and came back as Alison Goldfrapp.

    I remember 12 inchers and those floppy dics you'd get free inside Smash Hit magazine.

    Do you remember the old shellac 78's?

  6. 12"! I was getting ahead of myself with 14"!
    Er... my Mum and Dad have some old 78's in the loft.

  7. My grandpa was the projectionist at the local cinema. We had boxes and boxes of 78's that were the soundtracks to the movies shown there. We used them as frisbees when we were kids...

  8. I once made a fruit bowl using Madonna's True Blue album it was very avant garde at the time.

    Turn your old records into a fruit bowls etc. instructions here. Don't "give as gifts" as it says in the link, people will think you're poor.

  9. Darling... people know I'm poor... they would expect nothing less!