Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Knit A Hen A Jacket Appeal

What all the chic hens are wearing this winter.

Hens saved from the chop by the RSPCA after they had outlived their commercial egg laying lives at a battery farm.

Get Clacking!
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  1. I'm trying to place which Coronation Street character she resembles.

  2. Do you know that Infomaniac once was a vibrating knitting blog?

  3. I'm clacking as we speak. Waiting for the pot of chicken soup to boil.
    Which reminds me... I must check tht i removed the jumper that the chook came in....

  4. Yes Rad sad but true.

    I wonder who it could be with the face of Liz MacDonald?

    Did you knit yourself those stripy tights MJ? How clever! Did you use four needles for the gusset?

    I can't knit Princess but I can crochet, my grandad taught me, perhaps I could crochet them a drawstring pochette with a bouquet garni on the side.

  5. Ha!!! Yes, it’s Deidre’s turkey neck!

    Mago’s right…check out the Infomaniac Knitting Blog.