Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Brown Eye Be Gone!

Sick of your cat or dog flashing you it's unsightly, fetid nipsy? Cover it's fudge tunnel with a tag in the shape of a flower, cupcake or biohazard sign. Buy here


  1. oh my.

    is it wrong that i want a pet so that i can buy those?

  2. No of course not. I think the flower will look marvelous on a siamese cat. Get creative with your pet's bum badge with stick on diamante gems and marabou feathers. Your neighbours will be green with envy.

  3. I could have used some of them during my days at the nursing home.
    Would have brightened the place up to no end... Well to everones end really whan i think about it...

  4. Oh and What Flower are you Mitzi?

  5. I need one of those for my own bunghole.

    I like to be nude in public places a lot.

    Passersby seem to notice.

  6. "passersby" is one of my favourite words. well done, ayem8y