Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sketches On The Beach

The sights you see when you don't have a gun! We were in such a hurry to get to the beach that we'd left the camera behind, so I made a few sketches inside my crossword book of some bathing beauties. I shall download the holiday snaps in due course.

I didn't catch this German beauty's name but she looked like a Gunda to me. She made Giant Haystacks look like an effeminate sissy.

Wendy with her pussy bum mouth.

Leanne was a northern lass with a scrunchy in her hair and a voice like a booming foghorn, she sent her boyfriend (de jour) to the shops to buy "Sausage rolls for the bairns tea."

When I turned over onto my front, I was greeted by this sight.


  1. What a marvelous seaside adventure!

    Your sketches capture the mood more that any camera Mitzi. Leave it at home more often.

  2. So happy to have you back.

    Is it possible for you to vacation somewhere with attractive people?

    I like to be the most attractive person wherever I go also...which is why I like to hang out in truck stops and old folks homes.

  3. Great sketches! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  4. It was marvelous Princess, with so many fond memories. Leanne was my favourite to draw I captured her radient beauty to a tee.

    Thank you Ayem8y. I did visit Sydney in 2004 and wept bitter tears on Manly Beach at the younger, slimmer and more attractive men there. I felt like shit! Poor Carmen, I hate to imagine what she must have felt like. To save myself from those stinging tears I only travel to places where the pikeys go or cruise knowing the ship will be full of old people.

    Thank you Michael. The pleasure is all mine.

  5. You see - I am having problem and my laptop won't let me look at the pics...

  6. ...and now I can!
    Are they available as post cards?

  7. Yes they are Scarlet, I shall be having a mid summer sale in my 2010tatalogue.