Monday, 10 May 2010

Mitzi's Hunt The Slipper

Somewhere in this 1950's parlour, I've hidden a slipper. All you have to do is find it. Simply tell me where you think it is and I'll tell you how Hot or Cold you are.

For your prize, I shall ask my spirit guide, Mrs Fanny Quickfingers (nee tremble)to select an appropriate song from my ipod shuffler that actually reflects your life and I shall post a Youtube video of that chosen song especially for you.


  1. *notes flying ducks on wall*

    Is this Hilda Ogden's house?

    The slipper is behind the telly.

    You were aiming for a fly on the wall but missed.

  2. Oh Mitzi,

    I love your flying Ducks, My nan had a set that adorned her wall in the kitchen for years.

    I doubt that I would be able to locate your missing slipper, perhaps I'd have more hope of finding a Fluffy Feathered slingback...

    Have you looked under the cushion on the chair?

    That seems to be one of the most popular nooks and crannies to find missing objects at "The Palais"

    Am I warm?

  3. Failing that..
    Check Mistress MJ's Carpet Bag. I believe that it contains a veritable buffet of missing objects..

    Oh hi MJ...

  4. Warmish MJ it didn't land behind the telly.

    Cold Princess. BTW My slipper is the type a bored housewife would greet the window cleaner with, not the sort a pensioners would wear.

  5. The slipper is in the Mallard's ass.

  6. In the waste bin near telly?

  7. WTF is Heff doing here, by the way.

    Hi Heff!

  8. Cold as a witch's tit. It did land behind something. I don't know, is he one of yours MJ?

  9. Yes, Heff is an Infomaniac bitch.

    Obviously he was charmed by stunning beauty and had to come over and see for himself.

    I suggest you take him over your knee and give him a good spanking.

  10. Behind the chair?

    The throw pillow?

  11. I'm grasping at straws here!